Attorney explaining a contract signing to his client

Orlando Real Estate Closings Attorney

Owning your own residential or commercial real estate property is the American dream. When it comes to closing of your property, you can’t afford to take chances on missing information or incomplete paperwork. Trust the law firm of Nishad Khan P.L. to focus on YOUR legal rights. We assist with guiding our clients through real estate transactions of all types and represent buyers as well as sellers.

In real estate transactions, the closing is the event at which the buyer and the seller sign all of the documents to complete the transaction. While the buyer and the seller will do all of the signing, others will be in the room to assist, including a closing agent. The goal of the closing is to transfer title or ownership of the property. There is a lot of paperwork which needs to be processed to accomplish this. That’s why it is important to have a real estate attorney at your side. He or she will be well acquainted with all of the documents, be able to explain them to you and make sure that your interests are protected.

To assure yourself of legal protection from start to finish, you should consult with the Law Offices of Nishad Khan P.L. before you sign a purchase contract or mortgage application. By doing so, you’ll do yourself the favor of making sure that your home-buying experience goes as smoothly as possible and that potential problems are solved before closing.

All too often consumers don’t read and understand the conditions, covenants and restrictions involved when closing on a property. If you are not familiar with the closing process, we recommend contacting our real estate closing attorneys. Whether you’re a realtor, broker, buyer or seller–all of our Orlando real estate closing attorneys who specialize in real estate law, escrow and title insurance will happily answer any questions you might have about the process.

For more information regarding how Nishad Khan P.L. can assist with Real Estate Closing, contact us today!