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As a business professional, unfortunately you always run the risk of working with another business or individual who fails to pay an amount owed to you. As a creditor you have rights under the law that can legally ensure that you receive payment for a debt, even if the debtor attempts to file for bankruptcy. These are rights that many business professionals fail to act on, but would certainly be wise to know they have.

Whether you are owed a secured debt, which would be for tangible items that can be repossessed due to a lack of payment or unsecured, which are more common for services rendered that have not been paid for, the law can act in your favor. While there are certain limitations, time frames and paperwork that must be reviewed, this is where your business can benefit from a collection attorney.

With the help of a collections attorney you can file the proper litigations against those individuals that owe you large amounts of money. An attorney can help you to file the appropriate paperwork and can secure a judgment in court against your debtor. With a collections lawyer on your side you are sure to begin obtaining your money for service rendered or items sold.

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