Orlando Probate Attorney

The process of proving that a will is viable and implementing the desires of the decedent can sometimes prove to be overwhelming for individuals who have just lost a loved one. In some cases, families will have disagreements over the decedent’s requests regarding child guardianship, asset disbursements and more, which can be difficult to settle civilly. It is for this reason that probate attorney services are needed, especially in the event that there is a dispute over the details of a will.

The probate process is expected in most cases where an individual passes away and their assets must be accounted, are appraised and creditors are paid in full. It is in this process that an existing will is deemed valid and the property can be distributed based on the desires of the decedent. Though the process may sound simple, court appearances and paperwork can oftentimes prove to be confusing and overwhelming for family members who have lost a loved one, especially if the process is foreign to you. There are also instances of families who choose to dispute certain claims that are made in a will, or perhaps it is not up-to-date on certain assets.

Issues faced throughout probate can take time and cause further turmoil for a family without the proper guidance and support. The best way to help your family through probate is to provide them with a clear and up-to-date will and to work with a probate attorney that understand the step by step process that goes into avoiding probate in the event of your passing.

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