Nurse assisting her old woman patient

Health Care Instruments Attorney in Orlando

Because estate planning is centered around ensuring that your wishes are protected and met, several healthcare instruments can also be used to help dictate your desires for healthcare in the even that you fall ill or have an accident. Surrogate documentation allows you to explain the medical care that you would prefer to and not to receive in the event that you cannot make decisions for yourself any longer.

With this planning tool you can explain whether or not you wish to remain on life support, whether you would approve of organ donation or if there are any healthcare instruments that you simply do not want to have, such as blood transfusions. You can also choose to appoint a family member or friend to oversee that your healthcare requests are always made and respected.

An explanation of care can be completed and utilized at any age so long as the individual is of sound mind, as there may come a time when anyone can fall ill and may not be able to voice their medical opinions. An attorney can help to implement your healthcare instruments desires and update your documentation as often as needed.

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