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3 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Orlando, FL.

3 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Orlando, FL.

Nishad Khan is Recognized by Three Best Rated as a 3 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Orlando, FL.

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“Expert recommended Top 3 Real Estate Lawyers in Orlando, Florida. All of our real estate lawyers actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.”

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orlando neighborhoodThe surest way to make money investing in real estate is to buy low and sell high. One of the ways to do that is to find properties with good bones in areas ripe for revitalization. This means accepting some risk and possibly investing in areas that still have problems with crime and neglect.

How do you spot the signs certain neighborhoods are up-and-coming? It can be a challenge, but here are five clues that “good” things are about to happen in “bad” neighborhoods.

1. Major renovations are happening or about to happen.

When communities start spending taxpayer money in underdeveloped or neglected areas, it’s a sign they believe these areas are worth the investment. Attending city council meetings will give you a good idea of what’s happening in certain parts of the city.

Public park renovations and construction permit requests are clues that positive activity is taking place. If you have a Realtor you trust, listen to that person’s opinion on which neighborhoods are about to be “hot” and why they think so.

2. Retail sales activity is strong.

Talk to shop owners about how sales are trending in areas where you’re considering investing. Find out if the cost of a cup of coffee is going up. When retail business is healthy, or getting stronger, it’s a sign that people have disposable income and are spending it on more items than just the necessities.

3. Millennials are buying.

buyer recieving clean title of propertyYoung home buyers are often priced out of desirable and well established neighborhoods. They’re more inclined to take a chance on a great fixer-upper in a neglected area. This is especially true when the house is located in a neighborhood on the outskirts of a trendy area.

When young professionals move into a neighborhood, restaurateurs and bar owners take notice. It’s just a matter of time before property values begin to rise. Think Soho in Lower Manhattan or Cabbagetown in Atlanta.

4. Artists and musicians are moving in.

Cheap rent is usually the draw for struggling artists and musicians, but they lead the way when it comes to creating a hip vibe. Creative energy and the draw of “cool” will attract an audience.

The more attention and excitement artists create, with local jazz festivals and art exhibits in parks for instance, the more the area vibrates with life. This translates into revenue, property sales, and increased property values.

5. Trendy restaurants and art galleries are opening.

As noted, when young people and creatives put down roots, trendy retail establishments aren’t far behind. Keep an eye on reviews in local newspapers. When a reviewer has positive things to say about a new restaurant, coffee shop, or art gallery in a “bad” neighborhood, you can be pretty sure the area is ripe for revitalization.

Good reviews attract consumers and encourage other businesses to consider relocating. All of this translates into revenue for the neighborhood and opportunities for the savvy investor.

Looking to invest in a Up-and-Coming Neighborhood in Florida? Contact Central Florida Real Estate Attorneys at Nishad Khan P.L. today, we can help point you in the right direction.


Orlando, FL – Attorney’s Title Fund Services, LLC has announced that Nishad Khan has been named a Top Contributor to the 9th Circuit in the state of Florida during 2020. This award recognizes the three top fund member firms for each of the 20 circuits in the state of Florida. Nishad Khan has been named a top contributor in Orlando, which is the 9th circuit. Nishad Khan is honored to be named one of the top contributors this year.

About the Fund:

Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC is backed by the Old Republic Title. The Fund works to promote and facilitate the strength of real estate practices of members, helping them protect the public. More than 4,000 members in Florida alone rely on Attorneys’ Title Fund Services for their residential and commercial title services. Attorneys’ Title Fund Services also provides legal education and resources to enhance legal practices in the industry.

About Nishad Khan Law Firm:

Nishad Khan is a law firm located in Florida that focuses on real estate and business law in Central FL, including Orlando. The firm specializes in helping individuals and businesses that are interested in acquiring residential and commercial real estate property for a variety of purposes. The firm works to educate clients on how they can defend their rights and place their properties in the most advantageous positions. Nishad Khan also works to educate clients on numerous legal practices and processes that could arise during the acquisition process. Nishad Khan is always available to help clients understand their legal options.




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vacation rental agreementA vacation rental contract can be described as a short-term lease agreement between a tenant and a landlord that typically lasts anywhere from a period of less than 30 days to one calendar month.

This type of agreement is common for investment property owners who regularly work with rental properties or for property owners who want to clearly stipulate the terms and conditions of their short-term lease agreement regarding the rental of their property.

However, the agreement has to adhere to the existing state laws. Considering the fact that most of the terms and conditions in the agreement have legal implications, it is important to liaise with qualified Orlando real estate attorneys while drafting the agreements.

At the very least, a vacation rental agreement should address the following:

• Security deposit
• Amount of rent
• Starting and ending dates of the vacation
• Property address
• Maximum number of people that will occupy the house
• Amenities and utilities provided
• Items not included in the rental of the house
• House rules

A vacation rental agreement is almost the same as an agreement for an apartment only that a vacation agreement is for a shorter period. The agreement stipulates the role that each party (renter and property owner) plays in the agreement.

For instance, the property owner may contractually agree to ensure that the renter has access to the rental property (e.g., a key or a code) to enter and to check out of the vacation house at any time the renter wants. On the other hand, the renter may contractually agree not to damage the property or not to do anything that is unlawful while in the property. Orlando vacation rental attorneys are the best people to consult when formulating such agreements.

After the responsibilities of each party has been spelled out in the vacation rental agreement, the agreement should also address any rights or remedies that may be pursued by any non-breaching party against the breaching party for not complying with the terms of the vacation rental agreement.

rental agreementHow does one rent out a vacation home?

It doesn’t matter whether a property owner wants to lease an apartment on a temporary or permanent basis, as many say, it is a fairly easy way to make extra money that doesn’t involve much work. However, before you get ready to list that home on any vacation rental sites, for short term rental purposes, there are a few aspects about this process that should be discussed with Orlando Real Estate Lawyers, Nishad Khan, P.L. It is important to note that there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed in order to be able to legally operate in the business of vacation rentals. Nishad Khan, P.L. specializes in helping property owners ensure they have taken all the necessary steps to be able to begin advertising their home as a vacation rental.

But how do you get the right clients? There are several things that you need to take into account in order to make your property more attractive to any potential customers:

1. Get your property ready
The vacation home rental market is getting more and more competitive every day. What does that mean? You need to ensure that you meet the highest of standards when it comes to meeting the expectation of renters in order to remain competitive in the market. This includes providing modern services and social amenities such as bed linens, appliances, internet, cleaning services, towels, shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer, and cable among others.

2. Take quality photographs
Taking high-quality pictures plays a big role in attracting potential customers. It is advisable to hire a professional photographer who can take quality and attractive pictures of the property. Remember, while it is important to emphasis the attractiveness of the property, be sure that the pictures do not come across as misleading.

3. Market your property
Marketing is another important factor when it comes to getting renters quickly. At times, working with a certain broker or a certain vacation rental service may be more advantageous and offer greater convenience at an additional fee.

How a lawyer can help

You should closely involve vacation rental attorneys in Orlando FL in almost every step of creating your vacation homes rental agreement. This is because Florida vacation rental attorneys have vast experience in drafting these types of rental agreements.

The good news is that finding a real estate attorney in central Florida is not difficult. The attorneys at Nishad Khan, PL, have helped many property owners and renters in Florida with drafting different types of rental agreements.

vacation house rentalPlanning a major vacation can be a fun and exciting time, but nailing all of those important little details can be overwhelming for the inexperienced traveler.

At times, the inexperienced traveler may find that he or she may need additional information or guidance in planning certain aspects of their vacation, such as lodging. As you know, lodging can get expensive, so it makes best sense to plan the lodging portion of your vacation properly. These days, with the availability of vacation home rentals, travelers are not limited to just hotels when vacationing. Problem is that many inexperienced travelers may not understand how vacation home rentals work. Below are some terrific tips for helping novice travelers choose their ideal vacation rental.

Ask Yourself if Your Travel Dates & Locations Are Flexible

A team of popular real estate attorneys in Orlando mentions that it is helpful to make a wish list and a must-have list before renting a vacation home. Ask yourself if your planned travel dates and the locations you wish to stay at, during your visit, are flexible.

If planning to travel over a major holiday, be prepared to pay more money overall. Additionally, these vacation home rental properties are usually booked very early on; months before those major holidays arrive. If travel dates and locations are flexible, you may likely get a better deal.

Sometimes the Best Vacation Rentals Are Off-the-Beaten Path as They Say

Every local who lives in a touristy area knows that the best rental properties are usually a bit farther out than the main stretch of tourist destination areas. If vacationing in a popular beach area, check out other nearby rentals that may be located just a short drive away.

Some of these homes will have a swimming pool, larger recreation areas, and other amenities, making it fun to make memories, during down time, while playing board-games or soaking in the included hot-tub. An additional bonus is that some of these homes are, sometimes, roomier and more inexpensive than those vacation home rentals within the tourist destination areas.

Inquire About the Size & Essentials Included in the Kitchen Area

If you are travelling with a large group, or if you simply enjoy making home cooked meals, one of the main things you may want to inquire about before choosing a vacation home rental is a description of the kitchen. Are the appliances full-size? Are dishes and other kitchen utensils included? Is there a real stove, range, or just a microwave? What about paper towels, dishcloths, and a dishwasher? Some of these comforts may be very important to you as a traveler. Do not assume that any specific items are included with your stay; always confirm exactly what you are renting first, explains a group of Florida vacation home rental attorneys.

rental house near the beachWill There Be a Laundry Area On-Site?

This is a very important detail, especially when traveling with younger kids. Also, for ease of travel, many travelers prefer to travel light and to wash their clothes along the way. In this circumstance, it is nice to have a washer and a dryer available so that there is no need to seek out an expensive laundry service that may be miles away from where you are staying. Also inquire about the bathrooms, towels, toilet paper, and bedding provided by the rental management company according to seasoned vacation rental attorneys in Orlando, FL.

Carefully Review Every Detail in the Rental Contract & Ask About Anything Missing Before You Sign or Pay

Always get an idea of what the rates for vacation home rentals are going for in the area where you plan to vacation. If you decide to rent a vacation home rental, carefully review all details in the rental agreement, including deposits, overall rental prices, cleaning fees, any other hidden fees, as well as check-in and check-out times, whether the property is safe for kids, and other important details. This helps avoid misunderstandings and headaches later.

Confirm the Website is Legitimate for the Vacation Home Rental Before Signing a Rental Agreement

Most vacation home rentals may be booked via a website or the traveler would have to visit other website pages to gather more information regarding the vacation home rental. This is usually true for larger and more popular rental properties. Most importantly, always review previous renter comments and reviews as well to ensure that their stay at that specific vacation home rental met their reasonable expectations.

Find a Real Estate Attorney in Central Florida

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business attorneysAs a corporate officer or a company manager, you act on behalf of the entity. To be at your most effective, and to ensure that your personal assets are properly protected, you will need to employ a professional to act on your behalf with regard to legal matters and certain business transactions.

Hiring an Orlando real estate attorney will satisfy this requirement, but only if you make your real estate attorney Orlando your registered agent. 

Saving Yourself From Awkward and Embarrassing Moments 

Serving as your own registered agent may save you a little money, and you may feel as though you are cutting out the proverbial middleman in such a move. But doing this puts your company at risk. A registered agent has certain obligations to the entity under Florida Statutes, if you do not employ your Orlando real estate lawyer as your registered agent, you may be served with a summons and miss a critical deadline. If you miss a critical deadline, you could end up having a default judgment filed against the entity, which is why it is so important to have real estate lawyers Orlando, such as the lawyers at Nishad Khan P.L. who can serve as registered agents for your entity. 

Your Attorney is Better Equipped 

You will be better off engaging your lawyer as your company’s registered agent. Business law attorneys Orlando are well-trained to do this job. With a business lawyer serving in this position, you will be notified if your company is ever served with a summons. If retained to handle the matter, your lawyer will also promptly review and evaluate the lawsuit so that your lawyer can discuss it with you then prepare a response to it based on your discussion.

Orlando real estate attorneys have the experience necessary to quickly assess the merits and the potential threat of any demand or lawsuit, which is launched against your company. They can tell you whether there is an adequate basis for such a legal action against you or your business. They can also act on your business’ behalf before the court.

At times, a lawsuit may be nothing more than a nuisance that a lawyer could move to dismiss. However, if you receive a summons containing serious allegations, which may expose your business or yourself to some liability, it is important to engage your lawyer as quickly as possible so that your lawyer will move just as quickly to assess the situation, then prepare and timely submit any responses or affirmative defenses. The bottom line is that it is better to have a legal professional deal with such matters. 

Corporate Governance Requirements 

With your lawyer acting as your registered agent, your lawyer will be responsible for carrying out the obligations as set forth in the Florida Statutes. Such obligations may include, without limitation, receiving service of process documents, official notices, or demands on behalf of the organization and ensuring such documentation is forwarded to the principals of the entity.

For your lawyer to be appointed registered agent, your lawyer will need to affirmatively accept their obligations, as a registered agent, under Florida Statutes, by signing the Articles for the applicable entity. Keep in mind that your registered agent must have a physical street address in Florida, a post office box address will not be accepted. If you need assistance setting up for entity, Orlando business law lawyers can help you with the preparation and filing of your entity documents. Orlando business law lawyers may also offer registered agent services for your entity.

The business law lawyers Orlando at Nishad Khan P.L. are well-qualified to serve as registered agents for your entity.



Real Estate Industry and CovidThe coronavirus pandemic has changed almost every aspect of people’s lives. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to survive, and the real estate industry is no different. Safety protocols, market changes, and addressing clients’ fears are the new normal, as is an even heavier reliance on modern technology. However, the real estate industry can and has adapted quickly to the ever-changing world we face.

Automated transactions

Real estate transactions are becoming more automated each day. Home buyers no longer have to depend on in-person meetings or conference calls with mortgage brokers to try to figure out debt-to-income ratios or credit scores. With today’s technology, it is simply a matter of plugging the information into a mortgage calculator to find out how much a monthly mortgage payment will be or how much of a down payment will be required to qualify for a particular type of loan.

Additionally, listing agreements and sales contracts can be completed and signed without a real estate agent having to meet in-person with a client. Software programs like DocuSign and RealPage IMS are making managing transactions virtually the norm, these days, rather than the exception.

Agents are increasingly using customer relationship management (CRM) software systems to track leads. Systems that integrate with social media and can verify leads are the wave of the future.

Investment in Photographic Technology

Floor plans and 2D photos help buyers visualize how their furnishings will work in a space. This is not new technology, but it is extremely useful in the era of COVID. Combined with video walkthroughs, floor plans and photos are tools buyers can use to make themselves comfortable with their decision-making process. These tools also have the added value of allowing buyers to share their thoughts with friends and family.

Online hiring platforms

Real estate agents have historically prospered through word-of-mouth referrals, but today’s clients are relying, more and more, on online platforms to find agents that seem best suited to their particular needs.

The challenge for home buyers is finding a professional who can help them navigate the financially intensive aspects of real estate transactions.

Learn how the real estate industry can and has adapted quickly to the ever-changing world. Contact the Orlando Real Estate Attorneys at Nishad Khan today.

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choosing a business entityMany business owners start off their businesses by deciding to form a professional or legal entity with its local state’s Division of Corporations. Starting a business may involve setting up your business as either an LLC or a corporation. According to Orlando business law attorneys, there are some other business entity structures that could work better based on your specific situation. For example, it is important to consider whether the business owner intends to create a small business or a large corporation or whether the business owner intends to operate a for profit entity or a not-for-profit entity that could potentially result in additional tax breaks and other benefits to the business owner.

Do Business Owners Need to Consult with a Lawyer to Create an LLC or Corporation

Some new business owners decide to create their chosen business entity using online sites that are supposed to guide you through the process. While it is possible for a business owner to set up their entity online, the set up can be a complicated process for those who do not practice law. Additionally, many of the available online services, typically, will not go in-depth when assessing your current business needs and helping the business owner to make a determination as to which exact type of business entity is best, from a legal and taxation election standpoint, for that specific business owner’s situation.

What Are the Benefits of Setting Up Your Business as a Limited Liability Company or LLC

Setting up an LLC for a new business venture can be an excellent choice for many business owners states an experienced business attorney Orlando based. Some of the key takeaways of an LLC include greater flexibility on matters of management, less company oversight and greater flexibility in the set-up of the ownership structure

One of the best advantages is the limitation of personal liability on the business owner. In other words, if the business is structured properly, the business owner will likely not be personally liable if something goes wrong with the business later. Some possible cons are that the LLC cannot go public, that there are typically greater restrictions on transferring membership interest, and the business owner must keep up with ongoing paperwork and legal documents to remain in proper standing with the local state’s Division of Corporations. This can be time-consuming and challenging for anyone not working with a lawyer.

different business entityLearn What Is Involved When Creating a Corporation for Your Business

A corporation could be the better business entity option if the business owner plans to eventually take their business operations into the public sector. Another perk is that, for C Corporations, there can be an unlimited number of shareholders and the entity can issue multiple classes of stock. So, while a C Corporation may have more stringent requirements, the flexibility in offering multiple classes of shares may seem more attractive to certain business owners. Also, like an LLC, if properly structured and managed, a corporation could also offer business owners personal immunity from business liability obligations.

Some other potential drawbacks of forming a corporation include less management and business operation flexibility, greater involvement from the board of directors and the shareholders, and more cumbersome paperwork may need to be filed to remain compliant with laws that govern corporations. A significant amount of record-keeping and stringent adherence to meeting requirements are also often required. Talking with a knowledgeable team of Orlando business lawyers can help clients better understand their legal options when it comes to setting up their business entity.

Find a Competent Business Attorney in Orlando

Contact Nishad Khan P.L. by accessing for legal assistance with setting up an LLC/Corporation or other entity.

llc and corporationWhen you go into business for yourself, one of the most important decisions you will make is regarding the selection of the type of entity you would like to create with the State of Florida’s Division of Corporations. Before selecting which type of entity to create, it is important for the business owner to evaluate what each type of entity has to offer to the business owner with respect to personal liability protection, taxation, ownership, and adherence to formalities. If you do not consider these matters beforehand, you could be setting yourself up to potential exposure to personal liability and/or tax implications at a later date. Rather than let this nightmare scenario develop, it is best to understand what the major differences are between entities such as a limited liability company and a standard for profit corporation. However, please note, while you may find that the information provided below is helpful, since there are major differences between the two types of entities, and since there may be times when it may be smart to set up a more complicated entity structure, it is recommended that you always consult first with experienced Orlando business law attorneys such as the attorneys at Nishad Khan PL for guidance.

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company, also known as an LLC, is similar to a corporation but does have some key differences. For example, unlike corporations, a limited liability company does not require adherence to the strict meeting requirements and other formalities that are required when operating a Florida corporation. Less stringent requirements result in: (a) giving the members greater flexibility when setting up the management and the ownership structure of the LLC, (b) having less stringent recordkeeping requirements relating to the LLC, and (c) providing the option of simpler taxation so that any profits and losses “pass-through” the entity and flow directly to the members of the limited liability company. Yet before embarking on the formation of an LLC, discuss your plans with an Orlando business law firm you can trust.


If you are choosing to start a business where you will be seeking outside investors, a standard corporation may be recommended. A corporation differs from an LLC in that it has stricter meeting requirements, requires greater corporate formality obligations, and at times, greater simplicity in taxation. Therefore, always seek advice from Orlando business attorneys who have years of experience helping their clients understand the nuances of corporations.

Same Form of Liability Protection

While there are differences between an LLC and a corporation, one thing that is common between the two is the form of liability protection they provide to their owners. Whether you form an LLC or a corporation, the entity will shield the business owner from any personal liability associated with your business’ debt; however, there are certain caveats to this, which is why it is important for you to seek an experienced Orlando business lawyer to ensure that your entity is set up correctly. This can be crucial should your company be sued, since failing to have this protection could potentially mean personal and professional financial ruin. If you have additional questions about liability, address your concerns with experienced Orlando business lawyers at Nishad Khan, PL.

organization typeOwnership Structure for Each Entity Type

In an LLC, owners are called members and each member owns a percentage of the business.

In a corporation, owners are called shareholders and each shareholder is given shares of stock in the business. Percentage of ownership in a corporation is dependent on the amount of shares that are sold to each shareholder. Thus, if you issue 5,000 shares of stock and you own 2,500 shares, you will then own half of the corporation.

However, it is important to be aware that a business owner can elect to be treated either as a C Corporation or an S Corporation when setting up an entity. Each type of corporation comes with its own specific requirements, for example, an S Corporation election would only be available to U.S. Citizens, so rather than let these complexities result in costly financial mistakes, rely on the advice of a business attorney Orlando residents have trusted for years.

Taxation Issues

When it comes to taxes, there are some situations where you may prefer to set up one type of entity over another. For example, while a C Corporation has its benefits, it may have greater exposure to taxation at the corporate level as well as the shareholder level when any of the corporation’s dividends are paid out to its shareholders.

Also, at times, it may be to your benefit to combine some elements of one entity with another. For example, while a corporation may only be taxed as either an S or C corporation, an LLC has the flexibility to also be taxed as either an S or C corporation, or instead to be taxed as a sole proprietorship or a partnership dependent on the structure of the entity. Thus, it may be to your benefit financially to combine elements of both an LLC and a corporation so that you can take advantage of the various tax laws that may be available.

To ensure you make the best decisions for the short and long-term, consult today with a business attorney in Orlando such as Nishad Khan.

awesome attorneys 2021Each year, Orlando Family Magazine seeks out legal professionals who are revered by their peers, deliver outstanding customer service, and demonstrate tremendous industry knowledge. With his years of experience and commitment to client satisfaction, Nishad Khan is undoubtedly deserving of this representation. With his coveted spot on Orlando Family Magazine’s Awesome Attorneys list, Khan has proven an indispensable asset to his trade.

Throughout his career, Khan’s gained unmatched insight into real estate law. From residential sales to commercial developments, Khan’s expertise knows no bounds. Distressed property sales, asset protection, estate planning, and loan workouts are some other areas he’s versed in, and with his expansive know-how, Khan’s a highly sought-after attorney. Putting his many pearls of wisdom to use, Khan opened his own firm in 2007.

Since its inception, Khan’s practice has helped clients navigate the ins and outs of real estate closings, business law, and real estate acquisitions. Khan’s also done pro bono work, providing legal services to individuals who couldn’t afford legal representation. Equally admirable was when he offered legal counsel to poverty-stricken clients during law school. He represented these clients on matters of human rights violations and political asylum.

When he’s not doing his part to make the legal sphere a better place, Khan’s adorning his cap with more feathers. As a member of the Florida Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the Orange County Bar Association, Khan is well worth his salt. He also serves on several committees and speaks at real estate events. From his aptitude for legal affairs to his client-driven work ethic, Khan is an attorney of exceptional merit.



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