Posted on Friday, June 25th, 2021

DeedYour Florida deed is the document that proves that you are the owner of the property that is described in the deed. It helps to know some general information regarding the different types of deeds that exist in Florida; however, you can always solicit the help of a Real Estate Attorney in Orlando if you ever need help in getting real property transferred to you.

What is a Deed?

The deed to a house is known for being a legal document that transfers ownership of real property from the current owner of the property to a third-party purchaser or transferee. To effectuate a valid transfer of real property in Florida, the deed must be properly executed, in compliance with Florida law, and delivered.

When talking about deeds with an owner of real property, make sure you get clarification on exactly what type of deed it will be.

Types of Deeds 

General Warranty Deed:

Provides the most protection to purchasers or transferees in that it provides a full warranty of title to the property being conveyed. The General Warranty Deed warrants that all title issues that have arisen during the history of the property have been resolved.

Special Warranty Deed:

The Special Warranty Deed warrants that all title issues that have arisen during the owner’s ownership of the property have been resolved; however, it does not warrant for any title issues that arose before the owner’s ownership of the property.

Quit Claim Deed:

The Quit Claim Deed offers the purchaser or transferee no warranties to title. Essentially, it provides that the person providing the Quit Claim Deed either has or might have some interest in the property, but that the person providing it cannot provide any warranties as to the marketability of title to the property.

How a Lawyer Can Help if There are Questions

The Orlando Florida real estate attorney at the law office of Nishad Khan, PL, are renowned for their expert services to clients like you. Therefore, before you accept a deed, it is important to consult with Central Florida Real Estate Lawyers like Nishad Khan, P.L., so that you can be advised on any potential risks involved with accepting the property as it is being conveyed.