Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2021

real estate attorneyWhile you aren’t required to work with Orlando FL commercial real estate attorneys as an investor, it just makes more sense to consider it as an option. An attorney who specializes in commercial real estate possesses the knowledge of laws that regulate these types of transactions. Additionally, many of these attorneys maintain an interest in area markets to ensure they can provide their clients with accurate and up-to-date real estate information. By utilizing this expertise, a commercial real estate attorney in Orlando can benefit you in the following ways.

1. Get Help Completing any Necessary Paperwork

While investing in commercial real estate can be exciting and lucrative, it also involves completing paperwork and documents that relate to your venture in a timely manner. If an application isn’t accurately filled out or a deadline is missed, you may end up losing money you have already invested in the transaction. However, an Orlando Florida real estate attorney can help you ensure your documents are properly completed and submitted on time.

2. Gain Insight About the Risks of an Investment

Before buying any piece of property, you’ll have to conduct due diligence on the property and conduct additional research that may help you determine the value of that investment property and may also help you determine whether the property is suitable for your intended use. This includes researching the area market, the potential returns, and the previous ownership of that property. It also includes conducting certain tests and inspections on the property to ensure that the property meets your expectations and also conducting certain research to confirm whether your intended use of the property is permitted within the municipality in which the property is located. Your attorney can help you with some of this research. In particular, they will know how to conduct title searches to determine if there are any claims against the property and they will know how to review the applicable municipal code to confirm that your property use is permitted within the municipality. This type of service can help you avoid buying a property that might otherwise leave you tied up in legal disputes.

experienced attorney3. Benefit From Legal Representation

Investing in commercial real estate can get tricky, and some situations may require the expertise of a commercial real estate attorney Orlando. Whether you need to evict tenants who may already be occupying the property or you become involved in environmental issues, you’ll need the skills and knowledge of a lawyer to help you present your case. If you have already been working with a commercial real estate attorney, they will be familiar with your situation. That will save time, and it will provide your attorney with a deeper insight into the situation, resulting in more effective representation.

4. Benefit From an Experienced Negotiator

A major component of any real estate transaction is negotiating certain terms within the letter of intent as well as the sale and purchase contract, such as the sale price. While you may be a savvy investor, negotiating may not be your strong suit. Your attorney can take on that role for you. Since he or she is experienced in public speaking and making convincing arguments, he or she will likely be more skilled at negotiating terms to a commercial real estate transaction. This can make a significant financial difference when it comes to negotiating with sellers or other attorneys. Leaving negotiations up to your attorney will likely help you get better deals on every transaction, which in turn will, hopefully, lead to a larger profit margin down the road.

5. Learn About New Opportunities

Real estate attorneys Orlando rely on networking to maintain a familiarity with the real estate market in the local area. This means they will be among the first to learn about new investment opportunities that you might find appealing. When a warehouse comes up for lease or a new commercial development project is seeking investors, your attorney may be able to inform you of these opportunities before they become known to the public. As a result, in this circumstance, you will be able to take advantage of promising deals before those properties become widely available. In some cases, you might be able to buy a property before listings for it are made publicly available.

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or you’re a seasoned investor, consulting an Orlando real estate attorney can help you protect your investments. Orlando real estate lawyers at Nishad Khan, P.L. can help you protect your interests and ensure you’re not spending more than necessary on any real estate transaction. In that way, the firm may be able to help you get more value out of every commercial real estate transaction.