Posted on Thursday, June 4th, 2020

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Nishad Khan PL Attorney Michelle Hinden was Appointed Chair of the Real Estate Certification Committee

Michelle Gomez Hinden is a Nishad Khan PL attorney who recently received the appointment of chair of the Real Estate Certification Committee. Her hard work and dedication earned the attention of many people and led to where she is today. A passionate real estate attorney, Hinden has helped clients complete a range of real estate transactions in Florida. 
She is dedicated to providing clients with outstanding service and high-quality legal representation each step of the way. Attorney Michelle Gomez Hinden has repeatedly shown high levels of knowledge, skill and professionalism in both the legal and real estate worlds. The Firm Nishad Khan PL is proud to call her one of their own.


Hinden was always passionate about the legal and real estate fields, and her dedication showed in her educational achievements. She went to school at the University of Central Florida and earned a bachelor’s in psychology. But Hinden did not stop there. After earning a psychology degree, she went on to attend the Florida Coastal School of Law where she developed writing skills and other talents that enabled her to succeed in law. 

After earning her law degree, she made a name for herself by doing a lot of pro bono work in her chosen field. Hinden puts a lot of work into anything she wants to achieve so that she can craft her own future. She values each of her clients and always gives her best effort to them each step of the way, and her dedication provides clients with unbeatable results on which they can depend. Hinden is thrilled about the nomination she received and is committed to making the most of it to show her appreciation and gratitude.  

Looking to the Future

The future is bright for Hinden. She plans to keep pushing forward and chasing her dreams, and she wants to help as many clients as possible along the way. She won’t let her recent success slow her down or prevent her from improving herself at every turn. 

Those who work with Hinden know she cares about her work and is dedicated to achieving her short- and long-term goals. Hinden is pleased with her nomination and credits those who offered their support for her status. She wants to use her achievements to help others reach their dreams. She enjoys real estate and the legal aspects that make it possible, which is why real estate law is her field of choice. Even though she has come a long way, she always seeks to improve her skills and to learn even more about the real estate field.

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