Posted on Friday, March 6th, 2020

closing your housePurchasing a home is a happy time for many buyers yet lost in the shuffle is the fact that it is still a business transaction. Buyers sign a contract that contains terms and conditions that must be adhered to and respected. The seller expects the buyer to fulfill his or her obligations and to proceed with good faith and diligence in the transaction. If the buyers do not, there are penalties and consequences that may follow, the most severe of which may be the forfeiting the buyer’s earnest money deposit to the seller.

If you are searching for an Orlando real estate law firm, Nishad Khan is the attorney of choice among real estate attorneys in Orlando FL. Mr. Khan has the requisite experience to navigate buyers through the unfamiliar territory otherwise known as the homebuying process. The contract, itself, should be reviewed by an attorney before you sign it since it is a legal agreement, which contains specific obligations that must be followed. Mr. Khan can and will make modifications to that contract so that you will have the time you need to perform a thorough home inspection, conduct an appraisal, have a title search report run on the property and obtain a commitment to issue a title policy on the property before it is time to close.

Consulting with and retaining an Orlando Real Estate law firm such as Mr. Khan’s law firm affords you the peace of mind in knowing that your interests are best represented and that you have an advocate who will negotiate for your best interests in the transaction. Out of the real estate attorneys in Orlando FL, Nishad Khan is the finest attorney in practice. He will take the time to review the contract with you and explain each aspect of it so that you can make the best decisions possible every step of the way. Call Nishad Khan today at 407-228-9711 and schedule your consultation today and begin the home buying process with the confidence that you have an attorney on your side who truly cares and is invested in the process.