Why You May Need Title Insurance

Why You May Need Title Insurance

title insuranceAre you thinking of buying a new home or property? One of the best things to do in this case is to make sure that you buy a full policy of title insurance. The biggest advantage of hiring an expert firm of Orlando FL real estate attorneys is to back up your title insurance policy with legal weight.

Title insurance is designed to cover any potential damages that may arise from any errors, issues or defects in the ownership records relating to your property. A real estate law firm in Orlando will advise you on other legal benefits related to this type of insurance. The main thing to remember is that title insurance is an excellent form of protection for insuring the marketability of tile in connection with your home.

The ultimate purpose of title insurance is to protect you from insured title defects that may exist up to the effective date of your policy. For example, if there is evidence that the title to your property may have been conveyed under erroneous circumstances, it may be possible for another individual to make a claim for your home.

If this occurs, your title insurance would pay for the cost of defending your title. It is also designed to compensate you if you should lose your home due to any title claim that another person may have filed against you.

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