Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2019

homestead exemptionDo you qualify to receive a Florida homestead tax exemption? This can be an extremely serious, complex, and tricky issue to resolve. If you do qualify to take advantage of this tax exemption, you can easily save hundreds of dollars in property taxes. But to do so, you must be a natural person and a permanent resident of the state of Florida.

What is the Advantage of Receiving a Florida Homestead Tax Exemption?
The advantage that comes with qualifying for a homestead tax exemption in Florida is clear. After the purchase of your home you may be able to claim a reduction in the assessed value of your homestead of up to $50,000 on the following year’s property bill. You may qualify for the standard $25,000 and also for an addition tax exemption of $25,000. An expert team of Orlando FL homestead attorneys can advise you further on just how much of this amount you will be able to claim.

On the surface, qualifying for this special tax exemption would seem to be a quick, cut and dry affair. However, there is more to earning this tax exemption than meets the eye. It is true that the application process is a simple one. All you need to do to apply for a Florida homestead tax exemption is gather up all of your required documents and then complete an application at the county property appraiser’s office where the property is located before March 1st.

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However, just because you apply does not mean that you are automatically qualified for this tax exemption. To navigate through the process with ease, your best bet is to hire a team of expert Orlando FL homestead attorneys.

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