Posted on Monday, November 5th, 2018

Take Away TuesdayImagine your Listing Agreement expires today and the Seller is relisting with another Broker tomorrow. Then imagine you receive a call from an interested Buyer. What should you do?

Under the Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement, unless you are able to procure a contract on the final day, the new Broker has the right to continue negotiations with the Buyer you met and present the Seller with a contract. In fact, Article 16 of the Code of Ethics strictly prohibits you from negotiating the sale of the property when you know the property is listed with another Agent. The right thing to do is call the new Listing Agent and explain the situation to them. A reasonable Agent should be willing to share commissions. The wrong thing to do is to continue working on the sale, which may result in a Code of Ethics Violation.

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