Posted on Friday, June 29th, 2018

The Florida Landlord/Tenant laws are in place to protect both parties, and to also apprised them of the laws should any issues arise. Both the landlord and tenant should have a full understanding of these laws before entering into an agreement. Orlando real estate attorneys are a great source of information if you have questions.

In rental situations, the landlord and tenant are on equal footing. Before you as a tenant sign any papers, you should first thoroughly check out the premises. Take pictures of the dwelling and make sure you have a clear understanding of all of your responsibilities before you sign on the dotted line.

What are the responsibilities of the tenant and landlord?

The landlord and the tenant are required to follow all of the rules and regulations on the contract as outlined by the state of Florida and Orlando real estate law. Some of the obligations include:

The Landlord

  • Comply with all building, housing and health codes
  • Make sure all areas of the housing is in good working condition or making the repairs to do so
  • Provide locks and keys
  • Make sure all common areas are clean and safe
  • Make sure all garbage disposals and exterior dumpsters are clean
  • Ensure all facilities have heat, water and air during summer/winter months

The Tenant 

  • Comply with all building and health codes
  • Remove all garbage and trash in sanitary manner
  • Keep plumbing in good repair
  • Not destroy or deface any property within the dwelling
  • Conduct self in a manner that does not breach the privacy of other tenants
  • Use plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and other items in dwelling in safe manner

If any disputes arise, they must be addressed in a manner that is lawful. If a landlord needs to evict a tenant, they must follow the letter of Florid law. Tenants must also follow certain protocols if they have disputes. Contact a Florida real estate attorney if you need more information. Nishad Khan P.L. can answer all your questions.