Posted on Friday, April 16th, 2021

vacation rental agreementA vacation rental contract can be described as a short-term lease agreement between a tenant and a landlord that typically lasts anywhere from a period of less than 30 days to one calendar month.

This type of agreement is common for investment property owners who regularly work with rental properties or for property owners who want to clearly stipulate the terms and conditions of their short-term lease agreement regarding the rental of their property.

However, the agreement has to adhere to the existing state laws. Considering the fact that most of the terms and conditions in the agreement have legal implications, it is important to liaise with qualified Orlando real estate attorneys while drafting the agreements.

At the very least, a vacation rental agreement should address the following:

  • Security deposit
  • Amount of rent
  • Starting and ending dates of the vacation
  • Property address
  • Maximum number of people that will occupy the house
  • Amenities and utilities provided
  • Items not included in the rental of the house
  • House rules

A vacation rental agreement is almost the same as an agreement for an apartment only that a vacation agreement is for a shorter period. The agreement stipulates the role that each party (renter and property owner) plays in the agreement.

For instance, the property owner may contractually agree to ensure that the renter has access to the rental property (e.g., a key or a code) to enter and to check out of the vacation house at any time the renter wants. On the other hand, the renter may contractually agree not to damage the property or not to do anything that is unlawful while in the property. Orlando vacation rental attorneys are the best people to consult when formulating such agreements.

After the responsibilities of each party has been spelled out in the vacation rental agreement, the agreement should also address any rights or remedies that may be pursued by any non-breaching party against the breaching party for not complying with the terms of the vacation rental agreement.

rental agreementHow does one rent out a vacation home?

It doesn’t matter whether a property owner wants to lease an apartment on a temporary or permanent basis, as many say, it is a fairly easy way to make extra money that doesn’t involve much work. However, before you get ready to list that home on any vacation rental sites, for short term rental purposes, there are a few aspects about this process that should be discussed with Orlando Real Estate Lawyers, Nishad Khan, P.L. It is important to note that there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed in order to be able to legally operate in the business of vacation rentals. Nishad Khan, P.L. specializes in helping property owners ensure they have taken all the necessary steps to be able to begin advertising their home as a vacation rental.

But how do you get the right clients? There are several things that you need to take into account in order to make your property more attractive to any potential customers:

1. Get your property ready
The vacation home rental market is getting more and more competitive every day. What does that mean? You need to ensure that you meet the highest of standards when it comes to meeting the expectation of renters in order to remain competitive in the market. This includes providing modern services and social amenities such as bed linens, appliances, internet, cleaning services, towels, shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer, and cable among others.

2. Take quality photographs
Taking high-quality pictures plays a big role in attracting potential customers. It is advisable to hire a professional photographer who can take quality and attractive pictures of the property. Remember, while it is important to emphasis the attractiveness of the property, be sure that the pictures do not come across as misleading.

3. Market your property
Marketing is another important factor when it comes to getting renters quickly. At times, working with a certain broker or a certain vacation rental service may be more advantageous and offer greater convenience at an additional fee.

How a lawyer can help

You should closely involve vacation rental attorneys in Orlando FL in almost every step of creating your vacation homes rental agreement. This is because Florida vacation rental attorneys have vast experience in drafting these types of rental agreements.

The good news is that finding a real estate attorney in central Florida is not difficult. The attorneys at Nishad Khan, PL, have helped many property owners and renters in Florida with drafting different types of rental agreements.