Posted on Friday, March 13th, 2020

title insurance for housePrior to purchasing a home, most buyers have never heard of title insurance. Suddenly, once they have signed a contract, buyers are confronted with this new concept that mostly goes unexplained in the real estate world. However, if you are applying for a mortgage title insurance is mandatory, and your lender will not disburse any loan proceeds for a loan unless a lender’s title insurance policy is in place. Real estate lawyers in Orlando are experienced and knowledgable in this area, and there is no attorney in practice today who is better prepared to handle your transaction than Nishad Khan.

So, what is title insurance exactly? As its name implies, it is insurance on the title of your home. Generally, it ensures that the owner of the property possesses good and marketable title that is without defects. For a lender, it ensures that the lender’s security interest in the property is protected until the mortgage it paid in full. Title insurance is an actual policy that is issued by a licensed title insurance company in your state after a full set of searches have been performed, in the public records, at the state and municipal levels. Customary searches include searches for recorded liens against the property, judgments against the seller and searches for unrecorded tax, sewer and municipal liens against the property.

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