Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2019

tax deedsTaxes must be paid on all property that you own. At times, it can be difficult to keep up with these payments causing the balance to increase. When this happens, the property at risk of becoming seized by the local government and offered for sale. If you are interested in buying such a property, you will need Orlando real estate attorneys to guide you through the process. The topic of tax deeds and what can happen in different scenarios is easier to understand when working with a lawyer at a real estate law firm in Orlando FL.

What is a Tax Deed?
Attorney Nishad Khan P.L. works with clients to ensure they understand every part of what happens when you seek to buy a property with a tax deed. A tax deed is the formal document that gives the government authority to convey a property when the owner doesn’t pay the taxes. Generally, when this happens, the government will offer it for sale at auction to recuperate any past due taxes that are owed. Once it is listed for purchase, interested buyers will have the opportunity to bid on it in an auction. Before bidding on it, it is recommended the buyer do due diligence to learn more about the title and the overall status of the property. In tax deed sales, the property could possibly have issues with the title. Orlando real estate attorneys can research all of this information for you and advise if moving forward with the purchase of the property is a good idea.

In addition to property research, a lawyer can answer all of your questions related to buying property through a tax deed sale. These matters should be handled by a real estate law firm in Orlando FL to ensure your interests are fully protected. Contact Attorney Nishad Khan P.L. to learn how he can help you with your tax deed property purchase.