Posted on Friday, June 15th, 2018

During the home buying process, you’ll need to hire a property inspector to take a look at the property. It is important for the buyer to hire a qualified individual to go through the house to examine its systems, damages, and repairs that need attention before the purchase. A thorough home inspection is an absolute must to identify problems that could allow you to re-negotiate your price or back out of the contract entirely. It’s beneficial if you hire someone skilled with Orlando real estate law to assist during the process.

Here are some things they look for during an inspection:


You want a stable structure that isn’t going to collapse. They will look at the roof, foundation, and attic to look for holes, weakness, or defects. They will check the walls and ceilings for mold and leaks, which can damage the structural integrity of the home.


Replacing a roof is a significant expense that you’ll want to avoid if possible. They will examine the flashing and check for shingles falling off. Tree limbs shouldn’t be touching the house in case a storm hits, and all skylights and chimneys need to have the proper sealant to prevent water leaks.

HVAC and electric

The heating and air conditioning system needs to be operational, and filters should be free of accumulated debris. Electrical components are examined to ensure grounding equipment, conductors, and distribution panels are efficiently operating. Damaged electrical components can be dangerous if not remedied as soon as possible.


Pests are something else you shouldn’t have to deal with when buying a house. An inspector needs to check thoroughly for common pests for your geographic area such as roaches, termites, bed bugs, or ants. If an infestation is present, it should be dealt with before closing.

Contacting a Florida real estate attorney

An inspector has a lot of responsibility to give correct information to you. If something is left out of the inspection report, you need the services of an attorney. You don’t want to be stuck in a contract for a home that had issues you weren’t aware of. Orlando real estate attorneys can help you with any real estate issues you come across and should always be an option if you’re new to the process or unsure of something. It is always a good idea to contact an real estate attorney in Orlando because buying a home can be a complicated journey.